Hansen Mayor: Tony Bohrn

My name is Tony Bohrn.  I am running for Mayor for the City of Hansen, Idaho.

I have lived over 20 years in Hansen.  I have been elected to City Council several times.  Presently I have two years left.  I personally got an engineering firm to the do job they got paid for, but put off.  They were upset that I made them do their job.

I got the rail road to fix 1st pavement around their tracks.  Took a year to get them to do it.  I pushed enough to get our first code Enforcer.  Worked hard off and on for years to get something done so kids can safely cross Hwy 30.  Finally through a volunteer group and I worked out to get crossing lights.

I would like to see more commercial business coming to town, so more jobs.  New bathrooms in the Parks.  Also new code enforcement officer to help take care of the dog problem.  Also to help with our city worker and to maybe make sure everybody’s doing the right thing in their yard, not like parking trucks in it.  At one time there were 25 cars in one person’s yard.  That’s the reason why I became a city councilman in the first place.

I knew there was going to be another Boom come along with housing and they’ll be looking over here in Hansen.  There’s still two subdivisions that are in the works coming to Hansen.  I’d like to see more jobs come to Hansen.

People of Hansen please vote and please come to the city council meetings, we need your input.  Please get involved in your city.  VOTE.



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