OUR MISSION is to promote Magic Valley Businesses while
serving and supporting our residents and visitors.
Easy to Find Information Pages

MagicValleyNews:  Advertise, Subscribe
Businesses:  listed by category, then city
Cities:  websites for 16 cities, libraries, senior centers
Distributors:  Magic Valley News distributors, by city, then business by alpha
Churches:  listed by city, then alpha
Levies:  listed by vote date, then city.  Linked to sample ballots, articles
Our Voice:  topics of regional interest for discussion

Your “letter to the editor” topic of regional interest is welcome here for community discussion.  Please email to info@MagicValleyBA.org.  There is no charge to submit a topic.

We reserve the right to reject or edit, make corrections, omit or reorganize any material  submitted or discussion comments on material.


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